Roof Washing

Roof Washing

The roof of your home protects everything, and everyone, that lies underneath it. \Maintaining your roofing materials properly is a very important home maintenance project for every homeowner, and we would like to help you care for your home’s roof. Paul’s Project Washing is a locally owned company that specializes in the care and cleaning of roofing materials. We have the skills, the experience, and the equipment needed to thoroughly clean your roof and help you protect your home and prolong the life expectancy of your roofing materials. If you would like to have the roof of your home cleaned by someone who is truly dedicated and professional, then please \contact Paul’s Project Washing today!

The process that we use to clean roofing materials is called soft washing. Soft washing is a special type of pressure washing that uses effective, yet safe, cleansers and low water pressure, in order to thoroughly clean the fragile building materials that are often used on a roof. Furthermore, we perform our soft washing procedures in a safe, careful manner, in order to protect you, your home, and our employees, as well. We know that your home is very important to you, and we do everything that we can to protect your home and all of your home’s surroundings, too.

The professional staff from Paul’s Project Washing gladly offers free inspections and estimates of all potential roof washing projects. Additionally, we offer free demos of our work, upon request, so you can see the type of professionalism that we have to offer to our customers. We have worked diligently and carefully to grow our business, and we aim to please each customer that we serve, with our superior workmanship and our friendly customer service.

If you would like to learn more about our roof washing services, then please contact Paul’s Project Washing today! We look forward to hearing from you anytime!


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