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Unsightly stains that are located on the hard surface areas around your home can be a real eyesore for any homeowner.  The task of removing the stubborn stains can seem overwhelming and impossible, especially to someone who hasn’t dealt with such stains in the past.  The experts from Paul’s Pressure Washing have advanced training and access to revolutionary cleansing agents that can remove all types of stains along your exterior surfaces.  If you have a stain that you would like to see disappear, then please contact us and inquire about our stain removal service.

The most common type of noticeable stain, that is usually found along the surface of concrete areas, is rust stains.  Rust stains originate from many different sources. Some rust stains come from fertilizer that is left on the concrete surface for an extended amount of time.  Battery acid is also a common item that creates rust stains, as well as irrigation sprinkler systems. No matter what has caused the unattractive stain on your property, the main goal is to erase the stain and restore your hard-surface material back to its’ original luster.

Paul’s Pressure Washing staff has the knowledge, the experience, and the equipment needed to take care of all of your rust stain removal projects.  The stain removal products that we use are the Front 9 restoration products. These products, along with a methodical process of application, provide excellent stain removal results, and we are proud to be a Georgia Area Rust Stain Removal Professional Applicator of the Front 9 products.  By using these advanced cleaning products and the step-by-step stain removal process, we are able to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers, and also provide protection for your concrete surfaces, too.

If you are in the Grovetown area, and you have a stain issue that you would like to have addressed, then please contact Paul’s Pressure Washing today!  We gladly offer free estimates for potential projects, as well as a full explanation of our stain removal services. We look forward to working with you anytime!


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